Moulali Dargah

art journal
Sketch in Pen and Ink technique

Moulali Dargah, Hyderabad, India

I almost grew up seeing the Moulali Dargah. It is very close to where I stay. The location where this dargah is situated gets its name from it and is called Moulali. This dargah is built on a hillock which is a monadnock and is about 614 metres (2,014 ft) high. The architecture of this dargah is unique to the daccani region (The Deccan Plateau). It is a unique amalgam of Indo-Islamic architecture which is found in many other buildings in this region which are more than 400 years old and were built during the rule of  the Shahi Dynasty.


One thought on “Moulali Dargah

  1. Am so glad you started ur’s so refreshing and beautiful to see your lively sketches and read..Keep it going..


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