Words of Wisdom!

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Words of Wisdom!

Words of Wisdom!

Interestingly on the way to the airport I met this very wise cab driver who was taking me to the airport. He shared with me five rules to live a happy life. What he said as a man who has not read much or did not hold great qualifications is not heard from many educated or qualified people whom I meet every day.  Miraculously he practised these rules for more than a year now and his severe high blood pressure has come to normal. He said he wants to share these rules with the world so he is writing a book on the same in his own language. He did not know much of English but was aware that once he finishes the book he can get it translated to many other languages through translation softwares.  Now the words of wisdom are as follows:

  • Be positive
  • Change negative thoughts to positive
  • Concentrate or focus on every task we do
  • Have no expectations
  • Live in the present

I don’t know when he will publish his book. But at least I can share his  thought which is so  beautiful.


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