Chai Point at Bangalore Airport




10 thoughts on “Chai Point at Bangalore Airport

  1. Hi, The sketch is really nice! I manage social media for Bengaluru airport and just wanted to check if we could share this photo on our social media platforms. We would mention you as the artist and could even tag your Facebook profile and Instagram profile. Please let me know!


      1. Would you be able to share your Facebook profile URL, Twitter handle and Instagram handle (all three or whichever you have)? We could tag you in the post using these. I shall download the image of the artwork from this page, if that’s ok.


  2. Sorry for the late reply, Trivita. We would love to have more sketches from you. Anything of the terminal building, scenes at the airport, would be great!

    Best Regards,


      1. Dear Trivita,

        Sincere apologies for the late reply. I was away on a long leave . My team did put up the sketch on our social media platforms. Please find below the link to embed the post on your blog. Unfortunately, they were not able to tag you in the post. Could you please “Like” our Facebook page and then we could try to edit the text in the post and try to link to your Facebook profile picture as well. In the meantime, please do share the post and do ask your friends and family to share it forward as well!

        A little inspiration is what we need at #KIAB. Trivita Roy captures a wonderful moment at #ChaiPoint on canvas.Posted by Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru on Wednesday, 27 January 2016

        Twitter Post link:


      2. Thanks so much Sudeesh. It really feels good to see that people liked it. Thanks for the opportunity. There are few more on Bangalore airport. You can put them too


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