The Coimbatore Diaries- Sai’s Ikebana


Another story of my Coimbatore trip. Sai (my friend’s seven year old son) found a coconut shell. This shell became his cap for good amount of time and he really looked cute with it. He kept balancing it over his head and it fell after we walked a few steps….Then after a good cup of coffee and snacks Sai and me came to the ground and sat. I was lost looking at the beautiful cloud enveloped hills beyond the playground in Isha foundation. While Sai collected some grass flowers and then arranged it in the little hole in the shell. He then kept a stone next to the shell and said this stone will protect it from falling down due to the breeze. When I saw it ….it was beautiful! A composition like ikebana. It had wood, flowers and stone….Indeed Sai is gifted with something beautiful called IMAGINATION!


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